CIA in America

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CIA in America

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History of the CIA in America:

CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. This is a Government agency and like other government agencies, this is not created overnight and not functioning at its full capacity. At the very start of world war, II America’s first non-departmental intelligence organization came into being, and then that organization morphed and change its name ownership as well and President Truman signed a National Security Act in 1947 and create a permanent CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). In today’s era, the CIA is responsible to provide intelligence security to its policymakers because it is an independent agency.

George H.W Bush

What does the CIA do?

CIA has five major components or factors in which they carry out the intelligence cycle and they perform their responsibilities according to it. The components include:

  • Perform operations of Directorate
  • Perform the analysis of Directorate
  • Responsible for the Science and Technology of the Directorate
  • Responsible for the Directorate Support

This is the Intelligence Cycle that they do in the process to analyze, collect, and disseminating intelligence information for the Government top officials.

An aerial view of the grounds and headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency, now known as the George Bush Center for Intelligence. (Photo by Greg Mathieson/Mai/Mai/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

Controversies at the CIA

Although the CIA providing good skills, hostility and growing development CIA face controversies at the very start at the Soviet Union. It faces the controversies in:

  • International and domestic spectrum, in this population, face the economic crisis.
  • The threat of an imminent communist in which the CIA confuse with its internal deep influence.

CIA importance

CIA is a very important part of America because it is responsible for its integrity, confidentiality, and its availability and most importantly for its information safety and security.

Integrity: it refers to keeping up all data, that is used to intact without unauthorized modification of the data.

Confidentiality: it showed only those individuals that are keeping privileged information and have clearance and show the need to know about the data and getting information about it.

Availability: This is important for ensuring and emphasizing the data and its accessibility and provide the data at the time of customers’ needs. So these three are the important pillars of the CIA security provision and they use advanced technology to polish those pillars for better availability.

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