Growing up in Nigeria.

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A Generation of the Nigerian people.

Discipline is being instilled in the Nigerian child by its parents at a very tender age and I would say I have inculcated discipline myself as one will expect from a deeply religious Nigerian culture within the country. The younger generation of the Nigerian people are expected to show respect, usually by outward signs like greeting, to the older generation of the Nigerian people.

Although Nigeria is a multi-religious country and can also be referred to as multi-cultured country because there are diverse cultures in the country;nevertheless,there are a lot of similarities among and between the diverse cultures in Nigeria. There exists a sort of cultural unity among the diverse cultured ethnic groups in Nigeria.Thus,people grow up as culture-conscious and this cultural consciousness can be of immense value to a person.

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In regards to the country as a whole, growing up in Nigeria has a lot of challenges mostly caused by the Nigerian situation of under development where the means of livelihood is certainly not too good. A person can grow up getting used to the under developed situation of the country.


Nigerians have a lot of ambitions,chiefly among which is to have a much more better country than they at the present time have: a country of their collective dream where life is good for all its people and where they will fulfill their potentialities in an environment of oneness and solidarity between and among the Nigerian people. Every single Nigerian expects a very developed country to call his or her own and not a wretched country with mass poverty afflicting the overwhelming majority of the people,of which is,at the present time,a reality in Nigeria.

The overwhelming majority of Nigerians want a country that is progressing but there are self seeking minorities, that is to say, the Nigerian elites,who are the enemies of progress and have all the while been doing everything they can to hinder progress and these self-seeking minorities have thus far succeeded in hindering the progress of the country because of their monopoly of public power and their tenacious grip on it. The Nigerian elites have monopolized public power and are using it to further their own personal interests to the detriment of the vast majority of the Nigerian people of whom they use it against in order to control them.

Although when one looks at other countries, one would discover that there are elites in every country but the actions of the Nigerian elites have been very bad in comparison to the actions of the elites of most countries in the world. And thus, there exists a clash of interests between the so-called leaders in Nigeria and the majority of Nigerian people, because the interests of the so-called leaders of the country, who are the elites, are not the same with the interests of the majority of the people: this has been the situation since the creation of Nigeria.


There is no real focus in Nigeria in the strictest sense of the world,as the country is divided, a creation of the elites, and not united. There exists so many divisions in Nigeria and the people are not united. In truth, everything in this country is disorganized because there has been no any humanist agenda in place and most Nigerians themselves are actually just pursuing some narrow parochial interests.

There is a total loss of national consciousness due to the social alienation of the immense majority of the Nigerian people in the Nigerian society :they are Nigerians but they have no value of what is palpably describable as real say in the affairs of the country, and perhaps no stake except the passive roles they play in Nigeria but there is instead disorganisation,lack of focus and soon. The people are scattered and unorganized except their large numbers, in such a way that the only thing uniting the Nigerian people is the avoidable misery in the country.


The country is not being built up at all because the very few individuals who control the country, who control the over whelming of the people are using the public power they have monopolized and actually have to promote their own private interest while repressing the majority of the people. And this is the major factor why the country is not developing but rather stagnating.

It is very unlikely that a country will grow progressively when public power is monopolized by few of its citizens to the detriment of the majority of its citizens having regard to the human condition. It is like to say that the country Nigeria is stagnant and not growing.


The country is not advancing in any area of human endeavour. The”educational”sector,naturally an immensely important sector to the progress of any society is in complete shambles, as the public schools are underfunded and the few sub standard facilities that are in place are outdated and continue to corrode away with the passage of time. The health sector is not only lacking in basic facilities but it is also trampled under foot by the monopolizers of public power of the Nigerian people.

There is a high infant mortality death-rate in the country, as even the most basic health care equipment are lacking. The private health care system is far better than the public health-care system. The Nigerian economy has been,and still is going down hill for an appreciable period of time now. The only area that can be described as, advancing is sports, more particularly football, for there are recorded successes of the advancement of, sports both in the domestic and international levels of the sport world.


Nigeria is famous, or rather infamous, for the wrong reasons abroad. It has a bad name and foreigners tend to think that Nigerians are,or tend to be,bad people;but,that is not necessarily true about Nigerians,despite the enormous challenges be devilling the country:crime,poverty, disease and so on.

Because of the bad name that Nigerians tend to have abroad, which is partially correct,and partially incorrect at one and the same time, tourist activities and tourism as a whole have not been booming as one would expect,considering the fact that Nigeria has a lot of tourist attractive sites, such as obudu mountain resort; but the overall tourist activities have not been too bad in terms of the number of tourists visiting Nigeria for that purpose.One expects the tourism sector to grow faster than the low-paced growth taking place at the present time of the Nigerian tourism sector.


The future of Nigeria is rather paradoxical in nature; for it looks some what looming and some what brightful in the foreseeable future. It is,however,submitted that overall,there is still hope for a bright future in Nigeria. A lot of individuals have long lost hope about Nigeria,and other individuals are losing hope about Nigeria,but it is submitted that the Nigerian future is bright and if and only if Nigerians get it right.

Elective representatives are in theoretical democratic perception and infact entrusted with public power and are therefore bound to operate through the organs of government solely in full and total accord with the will of the people who are legally there repositories of power at all times. Elected officials are not supposed to be superior to or wield more power than their equals;in other words,the electorates who entrust them with such powers since,theoretically and in principle,the generality of citizens govern themselves by means of their elected officials.

Government power is public and not an individual entitlement. The exercise of public power rests critically and centrally on the people. There is need to effect a public sensitisation and enlightenment to make every Nigerian understand that power belongs to him or her, and the fundamental necessity of power to wit-handling and exercising power by himself or herself; since Nigeria is a democracy or at least in theory. The need to make people exercise public power cannot be over emphasised,for that is the one only way forward, and indeed the true significance of democracy. That is to say, people should decide how they want their country to function. Only when power is exercised by the people that every one,both the representatives and the citizens,will be held accountable for their actions before a bright Nigeria can emerge.

And in the event of that, an all-round suitable development that has so far excluded the country would be attained.

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