Huawei – Overwhelming Innovation & growth.

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Huawei Technology- The growth of innovation.

Huawei, a China based technology company, is a huge multi-national company involved in developing smart devices and providing equipment for telecommunication. It sells electronics and has mastered in making smart phones. Its headquarters are situated at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Ren Zhengfei, a former military officer, founded this company in 1987. The company has come off a long way since then.

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The company has successfully extended its trade in over 170 countries and is still expanding to become an electronics and technology giant. The company is committed to reach out to each and every individual and is constantly striving towards achieving it. It is providing services to more than 3 billion people all over the world, that’s almost half the world’s population!  With its growing demand, the company is home to over 194,000 employees. In past 30 years, the company’s revenue has increased by more than 30 percent.

The company has gained a lot of support in Europe and Asia. It has gained trust in UK and has received projects time and again from UK’s largest telecommunication company EE, formerly known as Everything Everywhere. Their business relations in UK began with EE, when they signed up the contract to improve 2G network in the country.

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Huawei technology – largest producer and supplier.

Since 2014, Huawei has been the largest producer and third largest supplier of telecommunication equipments. Most of its revenue comes from China. It has been the only company to overtake Apple and become the world’s second smart phone vendor. It is the perseverance of the company and the overwhelming support of people that has made it reach such heights. It is the first Chinese company to be included in Interbrands. Almost 80 percent of the leading telecom companies have worked with Huawei. The company can be credited for aiding China to become a superpower economically.

Huawei is a leading smart phone company, which one must consider while buying phones. Most of its products are worth every penny. Recently, it has launched Enjoy Z 5G, right after the effect of Corona Pandemic reduced in China. The phone is 5G compatible, as the name suggests, and one can trust it to click the best of best with its amazing camera. The phone supports Android 10 and can be considered as one of the coolest phones in the market. Even before the launch of Enjoy Z 5G, the company has given the world some legendary smart phones such as its P line and Mate series, which are strongly competing against Apple iPhones in all their features.

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Sustainable Development: Huawei Technology.

On ecological upfront, the company practices sustainable development, keeping the future in mind. It has set-up a particular sustainability management system to keep a check upon its plans and activities in order to ensure a better future.

Other than smart phones, Huawei also produces tablets, dongles, fixed broadband networks, Smart TVs and managed services multimedia. It is a promising company, working passionately to provide its users the best services. Overall, Huawei is a great brand to go for if you are looking out for technological products.

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