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You plan a vacation and you are looking for an ideal hotel to crash for the most relaxing experience. Life’s monotony and the hectic work routines have gotten you all worn out, a long vacation is all that you can think of right now to strike back. We have the perfect solution to all your worries, ‘Sofitel London Heathrow’ a place where you can rejuvenate and also get to reminiscence the good times of your life to gain back the lost “positivity” in your life. It is the perfect sanctuary to get rid of your daily stress and to get pampered by the best in the hotel and luxury sector. The ultimate place to get a luxury feel and truly giving the vacation experience that you had been planning for months. This is the dream vacation you had been wishing for all your life!!!!

Sofitel Heathrow London Hotel

Here’s the warmest welcome to the guests at Sofitel London Heathrow. Hotel that is located at the heart of London, a rather more convenient luxury encapsulating french opulence just minutes away from the airport. Its location is one of the primary aspects that makes it absolutely more attractive for tourists than other hotels, the visitors are only required to take the Heathrow Express Train to take a tour of the beautiful city of London.

The convenient location of the hotel is what makes Sofitel, the ultimate choice for the travellers coming in and out of Heathrow Airport throughout the year. The added privileges are given out to the passengers taking the British Airways who get a separate Check-in at the Heathrow Hotel only to enter into the premises of the Sofitel Hotel. There are covered walkways from the Heathrow Airport that will guide the guests to the Hotel and it is at maximum a 5-10 minutes’ walk to the Hotel.

The unique architecture is one of the primary aspects about the hotel the tourists notice about Sofitel Heathrow Airport Hotel. The modern structure of the hotel has a bold outlook and is bound to make a few heads turn while they tour around the city of London. The décor incorporated into the hotel is super luxurious with highly confident and bold use of colour coding and the extravagant fountain in the main lobby is what clearly gives an instant boost to the entire environment. Top of the line service and the effortless ambiance of the Hotel from the lobby area to its entertainment section, with the restaurants, bars, spas, saunas and a private pool area to crash at the end of the day, is what will make your stay from an ordinary to a luxury sojourn.

Now one may assume that since it is an Airport Hotel it is more focused upon comfort and mostly targeting the visitors who are always on the go and looking for quick stops to crash near the airport only. Sofitel Heathrow Airport Hotel takes the comfort and convenience to another level and give it a twist of luxury for its visitors. From the visitors perspective, the Sofitel Heathrow literally oozes with luxury as it is not  one of those conventional airport hotels, it has an edge from the other airport hotels in terms of its room quality, service quality, its ideal location and the state-of-the-art facilities it has to offer to its visitors. The ambience is not strictly about the structure or the architecture of the hotel, it is about the décor, the peaceful scent, the comforting ambience makes it visibly gorgeous, and major credit goes to the Sofitel Brand altogether.

The wide capacity of the hotel providing an exquisite line of rooms, a total of 605 rooms with different categories: classic, superior, luxury and suites and the outlooks are both modern as well as sleek, matching up to the luxury criteria in every manner. Another attractive aspect about the Hotel that gains the attention of the visitors is the extremely humble and cordial service they get when they are at Sofitel Heathrow. It is a wholesome family experience for the visitors with a twist of luxury added to it.

Coming to the entertainment facilities at Sofitel Heathrow, they are endless, from restaurants to bars to spas to other facilities, there are so many options for the visitors to choose from that sometimes they would not even wish to go out of their Hotel. The list of bars are restaurants is so long, Perrier-Jouët Bar, it has a quieter bar based upon its elegant layout that makes it ideal for the visitors to have glass of champagne in peace and tranquillity. Then there is La Belle Epoque that is a fine dining restaurant at Sofitel Heathrow known for its French cuisine with a unique twist of Asian spices, ideal for family dinners.

Sphere bar is a more lively bar, it is a large space and relatively busy in comparison with all the other bars with cosy and comfortable seating for the guests at Sofitel. Vivre restaurant is a casual buffet restaurant, serving an exquisite variety of cuisines from breakfast to dinner for the guests at the Hotel. Tea5 is a quite café place made for the visitors to have a quick snack and a coffee, with its delicious line of pastries and cakes available around the clock at the Hotel.

The Club lounge – Club Millesime Lounge will mostly attract the professionals who are travelling for business purposes all the time. The professionals would preferably roam around this lounge than any other bar or restaurant with its traditional afternoon team, great range of sandwiches, scones, pastries etc. the guests can work as well as much around this space at any time of the day.

What more could you ask for?

To sum it up, in terms of the convenience, the facilities and the luxuries, Sofitel Heathrow has to offer to its guests definitely justifies the prices. For an Airport Hotel in the heart of London, it has an edge over many paradise-resorts you will find anywhere in the world, as you bask in tranquillity with an abundance of luxurious facilities only a stone’s throw away from the many tourist attractions in London. It is highly recommended that for once, all travellers at the Heathrow Airport must get the taste of an exceptional and magnifique stay at Sofitel,

for a relaxing & peaceful vacation.

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