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The Determined few

An exploration and reflection:

The many opportunities women now have

with Chiara Chiesa.


Author of publication: Ryan Ward

Founder of

Earth is all we have, for now. Prolegomenon

The universe persistently evolves and advances, accelerating within an expansion, as galaxy clusters are bound under an immense gravitational pull, there is one planet named Earth that is a smaller speck than you could ever comprehend within our complex solar system. As we orbit the sun at one astronomical unit in distance, we are provided with just enough warmth and energy to sustain life. The existence of life beyond Earth is unknown, It is within our current understanding amongst astronomers, astrophysicists and astrobiologists based on Kepler space data, there could be as many as 40 billion earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of  sun-like stars and red dwarfs within the milky way, 11 billion of which may be orbiting sun-like stars that can potentially support and host life. With the nearest one being 12 light years away (72 trillion miles).

There is one potential candidate ‘Mars’ which lies on the outer edge of a habitable zone and has less protection against meteoroids and high-frequency radiation, nonetheless with current rocket technology and a solid plan, you can get there in around nine months (140 million miles), if all goes to schedule as you transition from the Suns elliptical orbit and into mars orbit. 

As we collectively combine our minds and manufacture complex life-support units, rocket fuel and Mars oxygen (MOXIE – utilising the abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and isolating the atoms to create O2), and convert raw Martian materials into resources and tackle challenges such as living within its rarefied dense atmosphere, where pure liquid cannot exist in a stable form (except for short duration’s at low elevational points ), one day we may establish settlement on Mars. However, earth is the only place in the universe that is known to harbour life for now and we must take good care of it. Currently we are living on resources borrowed from future generations and we are desperately looking for the determined few with innovative ideas to make drastic adaptations to make our daily lives more efficient to sustain Earth.


 Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed

Mahatma Gandhi 

A determined few and a sound cause

There are the determined few here on earth, who may not seem so visible to the naked eye, may lurk behind closed doors within expansive office buildings, whilst working relentlessly and tirelessly to source some of earths solutions to better preserve life for generations to proceed. The determined few are bound by a gracious moral desire and a mutual gravitational attraction, utilising unique procedures and innovative mitigation efforts to protect this earth. As they understand, this planet is our only hope and holds the key to detecting potential habitable life on exoplanets, sourcing solutions and discoveries towards enormous breakthroughs jointly for human civilisation and all species. Ensuring development and deployment of low carbon energy technologies, enabling policies to reduce fossil fuel emissions, and preservation and developments of old and new technologies to name a few mitigation methods utilised to preserve our planet and look to space

One of the determined few is Chiara Chiesa from the city of Brescia, the northern Italian region of Lombardy on the eastern outskirts of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia complex, home to Roman bronzes and medieval frescoes exhibiting ancient civilisation and rich in history. Determined with a strong-mind and firm foundation, she is unflinching as challenges present themselves. With a profoundly unwavering conviction of her core beliefs, drives her on a relentless pursuit towards a sustainable planet for our species. Chiara was born in the late seventies, a lost generation who was struck with a job market crisis causing mass migration and uncertainty, the ones who stayed could barely afford a living with precarious jobs and a scarcity of hope. She was on a desperate hunt for strong change, a change that would help civilisation, but above all give hope to women as they glance to the stars.


Recommit towards our common goal

It wasn’t until a mere Facebook post prompted her attention “Are you a coder? An artist? A crazy scientist? Space Apps is for you! Join us in Vicenza! Space Apps Challenge is an event brought to you by NASA” she couldn’t believe her eyes, pondering if she had interpreted it wrong. But there it was, a NASA competition accessible to everyone, and not only for engineers and space data was involved. A tidal wave of excitement overcame her, at last an opportunity unlocked itself which became a life changing moment by means of an abundance of drive and passion and hard work.

Her first Space Apps hackathon was occurring in the elegant city of Vicenza, which holds 16t-century architecture such as the Palazzo Chiericati and the Palladian Basilica where the 48-hour event was transpiring, with modernised hubs focused around digital innovation. Don’t be fooled with the name, the event is not exclusively about apps or space but opening new challenges and frontiers to using robotics, data visualization, hardware, design and many other specialities. Inspiring the participants to function together as a team, to learn and collaborate and be creative whilst utilising stories, code and design through imaginative ideas and then reveal those successful solutions with the world. Space Apps is an extremely important initiative and collaboration for engagement and development, that is held around the world, promoted by many of NASA’s partners, and in Italy by Confartigianato Vicenza and the US Consulate General in Milan.

A totally free and accessible hub for everyone, despite your strengths or weaknesses. Chiara was just one out of the tens of thousands, whose life was changed and opened the very first door to a new realm, where the imagination can run free and hold complete freedom – that is the space sector. Creating value and a multitude of skills for those who attend and enabling many benefits to society by combining the many dimensions of research: such as the infrastructures rockets, spaceships, satellites that observe earth and also the applications based on spatial infrastructures(big data) under one project.

Space Apps has so many success stories since it started in 2012, in 25 locations and 2000 participants with around 100 projects and in 2019 it went on to expanding in over 200 locations within 71 countries and 29.000 participants and 2067 projects. The importance of initiatives, was to give individuals the opportunity to bring their projects to life for a broad scale of applications, giving them the chance to experience and explore solutions to our universe’s biggest and most difficult challenges.

Allowing individuals to host their own event within their community, or roll up their sleeves and participate alongside students, professionals, engineers, artists, coders, and storytellers on their intrepid and audacious travels, and those who engaged within the hackathon’s all develop very good skill sets, and utilise NASA’s resources and statistical models. Extrapolating data, creating simulations, anticipating solutions and working through complexities towards solving grand challenges of our day, working and building on new technologies and expand our reach into the solar system. Looking at how successful the program has been, we can see that a diverse range of ideas and skills can truly change the world. Even if you are bad at math!

It’s never too late to be who you might have been.

George Elliot

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In a world full of hate. Be love, Be unstoppable,

Chiara is on a mission as a mentor and role model for Space4women network, a program by UNOOSA ‘united nations office for outer space affairs.’ A program designed to inspire and pave the way for girls and women to pursue STEM ‘science, technology, engineering and mathematics’ and space careers. A platform of women on their way to face new challenges by anticipating solutions to complexities: fuelled with a quantum of energy into the future.

Having outstanding feedback from her peers was voted one of the 1000 unstoppable women that are changing Italy through innovation through StartupItalia. Where she can harness her experience and showcase to women that space and STEM are not only for men, and there is plenty of space careers out there for women, not only to become an astronaut or an engineer, you can become a space lawyer, an AI lawyer, a NewSpace entrepreneur, a scientific journalist, or add value to older capacities. Women have many opportunities to enter and create something remarkably unique and jointly save this beautiful world.

There are amazing people from all around the Globe who are currently changing the world forever, and some are known, and some are anonymous. Those people who change the world aren’t always who you expect. Even historical figures and all the aphorisms of the ancient philosophers that have shaped our world down the ages, some are housewives, sisters, and ordinary people who have a single mutual and common belief in a better world. Some of them are proof that you can make a transformation at any age or misfortune, and show what is truly possible with a relentless passion to positively change the world and that a single thought can be the driving mechanism to spark change which vibrates supportively for all species.

For Chiara, her inspiration lays with compassionate people such as Margaret Mead (cultural anthropologist & author), Virgina Woolf (author & pioneer), Elon Musk (engineer, industrial designer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur), Bruce Lee (actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher), Barbaria Casa ( psychologist), and all of the many amazing women who entered astrophysics and biology despite troublesome backgrounds and lack of opportunities who utilised work ethic and a sincere devotion to bettering this world through kindness, innovation, desire.

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The sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” That was for the first-time mankind from all around the world had heard of NASA. The Apollo 11 mission carrying a courageous and heroic astronaut by the name of Neil Armstrong, who became the first person to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. NASA was conceived eleven years earlier on July 29, 1958 when the U.S. Congress authorised legislation establishing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a civilian agency in authority for coordinating America’s activities in space.

NASA has subsequently been opening up opportunities around the world, harnessing and sourcing talent, opening up doors that are changing people’s lives with incredible opportunities such as that of Chiara, they have went on to sponsor space expeditions both human and mechanical, that have yielded vital information about our solar system and universe, launching numerous earth-orbiting satellites that have been instrumental in everything from weather forecasting to navigation to global communications.

With a salubrious U.S. – Soviet space rivalry under way in the late 1900s, NASA continued to make colossal leaps and advances in space exploration since the moonwalk on July 20,1969 including playing a major role in the construction of the international space station. Being a beacon of hope for mankind, in the face of countless tragic setbacks and adversities, and as we respectfully mourn the loss of all those heroic astronauts who sadly lost their lives whilst courageously exploring new possibilities for all of mankind, and to these icons who we are all forever grateful, will never to be forgotten. It is in testimony that you can overcome any challenge that may come your way and it is within the journey as long as you are moving forward, that truly make up the fabric of the progressions towards results and a better world.

The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

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NASA embodies the essence of breaking down barriers in the 21st century as they have opened equal opportunities for women as they inspire excellency whilst unleashing their full potential, moulding strong female leaders to take on science, engineering, technological and mathematical roles despite challenging odds. We can clearly see all their amazing accomplishments and dedication to their workforce as they undertake masterful feats of engineering showing that men are not inherently better and serving as role models to the young women of this generation and those to follow. Pushing boundaries of human knowledge as they explore the unknown.

As we accelerate onward to the moon, exceptional leadership, innovation and talent in STEM fields will help get us there. Through initiatives such as the Artemis lunar exploration program, women can now use ground-breaking new technologies and systems to explore more of our lunar neighbour than ever before. Women will continue to make their mark whilst heading in a direction that is both unique and exceptional, and the only way to stay ahead of the technological curve is to educate the next generation.

Young female leaders are joining in NASA’S mission, and these individuals can impact how we explore as a nation today and for generations to come through STEM. Aiming to encourage, engage and educate the next generation that dreams of a unique career through utilising the worlds most advanced resources and experiences that facilitate opportunities for young students. NASA facilitates the creation of exceptional opportunities, helping to inspire the workforce of the future and continue the agency’s legacy through an unprecedented array of missions.

As Jessica Taylor from NASA’S Langley research centre once explained, “we can now celebrate diversity, as everyone comes together under one strategy – support network, supporting each other through challenges, a constant reminder that you can achieve anything and when obstacles arise you can count on the support”. It is now thanks to NASA, as trailblazing women celebrate all they have contributed to our rich history, culture, technological advancements. Women in STEM have and continue to play a critical role in how we explore the universe and what it has to offer.

With exceptional achievements and commitment to do more, women at NASA are a true testament that the future will be largely identified with strong female leaders alongside their male counterparts. As role models and mentors to young women everywhere, they have positively impacted the future of STEM. Remarkable women have enabled rich contributions and added passages to the history books. As we launch the next generation of explorers, the future looks bright.

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The light surrounding the youth

The greatest wealth and strength of any nation is its youth and the education of the generations to follow. And it is within the quality of the education which will determine the future of our earth. Therefore, NASA is helping and placing vital importance on engagement in a variety of unique ways such as learning and participation within its many educational initiatives ensuring an optimistic future, and also strengthening and empowering them with the vast array of knowledge and skills. This critical and healthy engagement within communities around the world, will benefit many societies, giving them the ability to represent their own interests & ideas, inspiring them to hold a positive attitude and outlook for change.

Through NASA’s engagement and development strategy they have initiated a variety of projects and educational programs. With funding aimed at representing the younger generation of many demographic locations, with a willingness to create awareness, around adopting new technologies in many fields which will help mature global economic development.

Ways in which they are deploying support is through the use of encouragement and fun learning activities, playing through video games, engaging them in their day-to-day lives at home and developing an education array through initiatives such as the Ames exploration centre, kids clubs, scouting camps, exploration centres, cosmos informal resources, living with a star activities, mars in your town, solar system ambassadors resources for informal education, space weather resources, solving spacey puzzles and even building a moon habitat and bringing together an array of web-based experiences. There is also hands-on teaching and coaching using museum exhibitions, standards-based curricular supplements online, and sharing the excitement of space exploration missions about recent discoveries as part of a public outreach in local communities and holding fun competitions with schools.

One of the contest winners was Alexander Mather, who win the NASA Rover naming entry competition and NASA went on to name their next Mars rover ‘Perseverance’ showing a willingness to truly integrate their ethos, shortly after this seventh grader captured the spirit of exploration. Alexander faced a challenge and many obstacles but was successful due to his perseverance. NASA has introduced interest to expand their horizons and ambitions and perhaps they will find a newfound love as a potential engineer, scientist, technician or astronaut. Many of those in careers in NASA came from these programs.

All this engagement truly builds on important protective factors related to the their growth and even mental health, since it provides opportunities to connect with their peers, build networks and increase the sense that they’re not alone. This young and able workforce is now given their chance to shine and play an important role in the development of society thanks in large part to NASA’s critically important central principles, preparing these young people to be active citizens in democracies around the world and helping to increase unemployment and to reduce poverty internationally whilst inspiring positive attitudes about science, mathematics and technology giving them a first-hand experience through all the innovative ways.

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Nelson Mandela

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On the edge of a new frontier.

As the world faces unprecedented circumstances and entering a new economy as technology is rapidly advancing, many specialists are needed. It’s a huge sector that will see multi-billion-dollar investments in this generation. We are re-entering the space race era – as we are entering the new era, we need more strong minded women to join this globally emerging private spaceflight industry which requires many specialists, there’s a lot of space for a variety of different jobs and women can easily enter and have a career and join a movement and philosophy encompassing great strides forward.

Whilst states used to have monopoly over the sector, now private investments are pouring in and reshaping New Space and Aerospace. Creating an economy which is not fully defined but has a dipole of momentum for rapid inventions, lower economical costs, faster means of transportation and exploration and vast opportunities for everyone within technology and aviation and space flight. Women will help fulfil one of humanity’s oldest dreams: the dream of flight and be responsible for many exports and improvements in the sector, raising the lack of publicity for opportunity for women, as demand for New Space and Aerospace related jobs are rising.

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On behalf of mankind, we are forever grateful more profusely than ever, to those with position of influence around the world who continue to make equal opportunities accessible in all nations of the world, and to those who dream of change of an inclusive and integrated world. Chiara is now able to live the American dream despite originating from Italy. The dream of every Hollywood movie, where if you work hard and believe in your vision, you reap the rewards and can embark on a journey to change this planet. She does not know what the future will hold, but if one thing she is sure of – she wants to be a (space) catcher in the rye, for the benefit of all.

We would like to publicly state our sincere appreciations to the determined few, whose current plight and mounting efforts, enables change and a sustainable future. Efforts which give resources to the under-resourced, supplies hope to the hopeless, and opportunity to those who seek it. Efforts which will prolong lives, relieve suffering through great advancements in technology in our developing world – without whom our world may not be where it is at today: space apps, NASA, SPACEX, WHO, Women of aeronautics and astronautics (WoAA), Nasa Itech (Aviation & Aerospace), Government agencies intl. And as some of you work remotely from home or those whose health is currently imperilled; it is you who gives existence and makes the world spin.


The determined few: By Ryan Ward in collaboration with Chiara Chiesa.

Women can now look to spaceapps, as it holds an abundance of opportunities. space is the future and space is now.

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