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Multicultural heritage of Nigeria.

There are 52 independent countries in Africa and Nigeria, situated along the western coastal region of the continent, happens to be one of them. Nigeria, one of the most popular country in the world, is often referred to by a number of people as the giant of Africa, while I like to refer to her as the adorned bride of Africa. Officially, Nigeria was created in the year 1914 when the British protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria were joined. This joining to become one nation, Nigeria, is referred to as the Amalgamation of Nigeria. Tourism in Nigeria is on the rice, due to the multicultural heritage.

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The beautiful name, Nigeria, was given by a British journalist, Flora Shaw, who got married some years down the line to Lord Fredrick Lugard who governed both protectorates for a while. The adorned bride of Africa actually became a British protectorate in 1901 before the Amalgamation in 1914 and before finally gaining her independence on the first day of October, in the year 1960.

The first democratic election took place in the year 1983 with Alhaji Shehu Shagari emerging as the first democratically elected president of Nigeria. Nigeria has a population estimated at over 200 million, the official language spoken and written is the English language and the currency spent is the Nigerian Naira. The very first University in this beautiful country is the University of Ibadan, located in Oyo state, which was established in the year 1948 and which is still one of the best universities in Nigeria till date.

The Nigerian values – Adorned Bride of Africa.

The Nigerian Civil war which took place between 1967 and 1970 birthed a strong value on multicultural heritage and unity within the nation. The richness of the culture in Nigeria is so great, it can only be summarized by saying there are over 500 languages spoken and over 250 ethnic tribes in this nation. The ethnic diversity adds a flavour of depth to this richness and the unity within and outside tribes is amazing!

Extended families in Nigeria are so closely knitted into one large unit with high regard for one another, new born babies and their mothers are typically nursed by family members for a minimum of 40 days and a lot of prepared meals are eaten by the right hand, even though the use of cutleries has now been widely accepted by quite a lot of Nigerians especially in formal gatherings and institutions of learning. The love for colours, dancing and festivals cannot be overemphasized in Nigeria and this is largely due to the multicultural heritage.

Tourism in Nigeria – A positive and hospitable place.

Multicultural Diversities.

Just like an adorned bride is a beauty to behold and a source of pride to her groom, so is Nigeria to Africa. The rate of tourism in Nigeria is on the rise as the nation continues to grow into a great place for tourism with numerous beautiful sights to behold, historical sites to visit and multicultural diversities to learn about. One other very outstanding beauty Nigeria possesses is her people!

Nigerians are so hospitable, so friendly, always ready to help and eager to learn. The hospitability of Nigerians has definitely contributed positively to the rise of tourism in Nigeria as an average Nigerian you meet is highly pleasant and that is an endearing trait for tourists.

Nigeria; good people, great nation!

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Sponsor: Confinity AI Preserving memories

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