Sibu Island Johor, Malaysia : Secret paradise.

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Sibu Island – Dazzling, tropical, diverse.

Sibu Island is an island group in Mersing District, Johor, Malaysia

Home to Sari Pacifica Resort.

Blue dazzling clear water and white smooth sand-beach is so soothing that can make you forget all about the work at the office. If you are searching for escape from a very busy world and life, Sibu Island is the perfect getaway. Far away from the city and primary town, from Mersing town to Leman Cape it takes around 30 minutes drive. Along the way to the jetty you will see plentiful palm trees as they surround you. It a peaceful & serene trip if you travel in the morning after sunrise. Make sure your vehicle has enough petrol before starting your journey because there will be no petrol stations along the way to Leman Cape. And it will take another 30 minutes to arrive at Sibu Island from the jetty. There are a few resorts in Sibu Island. Every resorts has their own attraction. People choose their accommodation based on how they want to spend their time on the island.

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Sari Pacifica Resort is one of the primary and most beautiful resorts you will find on Sibu Island. It gives the intense feeling of staying in the hotel in the city due to the abundance of amenities but lays far away in a remote secret island. The facilities that they provide are an eloquent restaurant, relaxing spa villas, reflective blue swimming pool, diverse bar and a gymnasium to stay active. You are sure to not feel any inconvenience as you stay on the island, the hospitable team will be sure to look after all your needs. If you come to this island solely to relax in the room and you are afraid that you will be bored just staying in the room, worries no more. The room in Sari Pacifica Resort is a very special type of luxury, as you have a 32” LED tv and DVD player with Astro (All-Asian Satellite Television & Radio Operator), wireless internet accesses, king bed size and air conditioner. Staying in this remote peaceful island sometimes can be quite hot but you don’t have to worry about that because there is a strong air conditioner in the room.

Sibu Island – embrace & swim within an ancient marine ecosystem still striving.

Tired of watching tv in your room. Time to explore the Sibu island! Let’s embrace the beauty of marine life by snorkelling and scuba diving around the island effortlessly. Clear water sea is a great place for the activities. The thrill for breathing under water for the first time is surely a remarkable experience for everyone. Dive into the heart of marine life and enjoy all the fun it brings. You can see plentiful of small tropical sea life, fish swimming beside you, welcoming you into their own paradise and the beautiful coral under the sea will welcome you to a heaven like no other. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the marine nature and all it contains at this island. It will release all your tension whilst you are diving under the translucent and crystal clear Malaysian salt water – the calmness of the sea flowing over you – repairing your soul.  Sibu Island has a resident of Dugong population. If you are lucky enough, you get to see the Dugong there.  The percentage to meet the Dugong is 50 – 50 because they rarely come up to the beach. Other than that, you also can find an abundance of jellyfish at the beach but it’s kind of hard to see them because they have a transparent body. You need to be careful while swimming there as you may be stung by the jellyfish!

After exploring the marine life at Sibu island, you can venture to the more adventurous activity which is jungle trekking. Sari Pacifica Resort provides a stairway to a tropical haven into the heart to an ancient Malaysian rainforest filled with vibrant ecosystems – you won’t see any where else. You now have the chance to get near and personal with some of the unique, yet exquisite flora and fauna, whilst grasping the authentic greens of the rainforest. If jungle trekking is too challenging for you, leisurely stroll along the beach – a primary activity you can do while staying in Paradise. The white fine sand at the beach can comfort your emotions whilst taking a walk at the beach. You also can spot deer and peacock while taking a stroll. After a long walk, rest at the beach and watch the dazzling sunset. Sunset at the beach will be a memorable memory for everyone who come here.

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Rimba Resort ~ Traditional Malaysian food, sunset at the beach, relax your soul.

Done exploring the Sibu Island? Sari Pacifica Resort provides a speedboat for you to have a wonderful beach voyage that will be one of the most unforgettable memories of a life-time. You will be hoping to another near island to get a glimpse of how the neighbouring island looks like and the lifestyle of the local people there. You can embark there for a while to enjoy a whole different beach range of activities from Sibu Island.

There is another resort on the other side of the island known as Rimba Resort. Rimba Resort has the atmosphere, as that of staying in Hawaii with bamboo chalet. It’s not luxuries as Sari Pacifica Resort but the experience staying there is priceless and unforgettable. The chalet has sun deck with stunning sea view that will make you amazed. There is no air conditioner in the chalet, but will not make you feel hot because the chalet has an a great open air system, with a real feel back to the tropics and nature, plus a ceiling and wall fan. Traditional and delicious Malaysian food is served here at their restaurant. You can experience the taste of wonderful local food here, as the locals pour there heart into your food. Once you try it, you will miss it when you leave – and the taste will linger for a lifetime. Enjoy a revitalisation- a spa treatment at Bamboo Bliss Spa, or relax at their 360-degree beach bar where they serve a wide variety of beverages such as cocktails, beer and wine. But all of this cannot beats curling up in hammock at the beach for afternoon nap or waiting for the sunset at the beach. It’s great activity to relax your mind.

Plan your escape to Sibu Island – a peaceful heaven awaits in Malaysia.

So what are you waiting for, plan your once in a life time escape vacation to Sibu Island and have a peaceful and relaxing holiday. You need to know when the right time to come to Sibu Island, because of the unpredictable weather in Malaysia. The best time to visit this island is around April to October. If you visit there around November to February, you will have to stay in the room for your entire time because it will be raining most of the days during these months, it’s known as monsoon season here. There will be no activities you can do if it’s raining there. Make sure to pick the perfect date if not you will regret because of what you will miss and pick a lounge that suite your taste the best. Make your dreams come true at Sibu Island!

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