Tokyo – Capital of the Rising Sun.

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Brief History

Tokyo (Tō-kyō; Tō means East and kyō means Capital) the largest city in the world and the capital of the land of ‘Rising Sun’, Japan as we know today, has a rich heritage and despite the technological advancement, this city has preserved its culture.

Before 1968, Tokyo was known as ‘Edo’ and it was the base of power for Tokugawa Shogunate, a military government of Japan from 1600 to 1868. Edo Castle which is now known as The Imperial Palace in Tokyo is the witness of the change and yet preserved the affluent legacy.

Tokyo Culture 

The cultural side of Tokyo preserves historic temples, shrines, century’s old performing arts (Kabuki, Rakugo, Noh) and modern Tokyo is the epicenter of Animation, Video games, electronics, and getting lost are the activities unique to Tokyo.

On one hand, Tokyo is holding the glorious history in the form of Imperial Palace & Eastern Gardens, Meiji Jingu, Akasaka Palace, Lost River Delta, Senso-Ji, Many Buddhist temples that stand bravely defying the time and on the other hand Mount Takao, Fuji Hokone National Park, Mount Kumotori, Aogashima Island, Mount Mihara keeps you mesmerized with timeless tranquillity and nature and offers a perfect opportunity for nature and adventure lovers to explore mountains, waterfalls, breathtaking gardens, hiking and natural geysers along with volcano.

Tokyo Disney Sea, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba, Harajuku, Rainbow Bridge, Roppongi, Samurai Museum are more than sufficient to keep you busy with your family as you enjoy rides, water sports, food & drink, shopping, night-life and taste the blend of traditional and modern Japan as you move. On the way, you may find glittering lights, larger-than-life electronic signboards, cafes, sushi bars and whatnot.

What makes Tokyo Special?

Shibuya Crossing makes you realize what it means to be in the heart of world’s biggest city, and cherry blossoms festivals transform you into another dimension of peace & tranquillity. Sushi Rice & Miso Soup, Harajuku fashion street & Colourful lights of Rainbow Bridge, Electronic jungle Akihabara, Kominato beach, Minamijima Island is a water lover’s paradise.

So from modern art galleries to museums, Electronic cities to Amusement parks, Traditional Dance to Historic Meditation techniques, Volcanoes to wild forests, Tokyo has everything to offer that a person might be looking for a balanced life.


Being the busiest city in the World, Tokyo offers many opportunities for business and Jobs. Like almost all of the Asian cities, Tokyo offers the best opportunity in the field of Real-estate as it is said that ‘You will easily find food here but to find a place to live is difficult.’ So for real-estate & property developers, Tokyo is going offering huge opportunities.

Franchise restaurant, your own food store, since it is an epicenter of all the global sporting events and rapidly becoming a favorite destination for tourists around the world come here to spend their vacation and get rejuvenated. So there are sufficient opportunities for service sectors, skilled engineers & laborers (Automobile, Electronics & Construction), small business owners (spa & massage), Travel agents, tourist guide, adventure sports training & supplies, logistic supplies, and since most of the people living in Tokyo go to work, even house-keeping, cooking and food delivery services are also in high demand.

In nutshell, Tokyo is growing in leaps & bounds and it has everything that a person can think about. So if you are to looking to migrate and give yourself a chance to live in the business of a city to get paid and at the same time you want to be surrounded by nature, want to experience the luxury and still want to have a touch of peace & tranquillity, want to get lost in the crowd or you want to rediscover yourself by going inwards, Tokyo is the place where all your dreams will get fulfilled.