Veranda Natural Resort, Kep, Cambodia

Visit veranda natural resort, kep, Cambodia. With so much to offer - a national park and many activities for children and adults. Fresh seafood and local khmer dishes. Read our article at to see all this hotel has to truly offer.

veranda natural resort

Veranda Natural Resort, Kep, Cambodia


Author: Ryan Ward Contributors: Soha J Collaboration with: Amy Lanzar

Photography credits: Christian Paul Malihan

Perched atop an ancient landscape, a tropical Oasis.

Cambodia’s renowned gem is located at the elevated entrance to the Kep National Park. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, the Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam, and Mountains of Bokor. There you will find a resting oasis spread across three hectares. Committed to the finer things in life like beauty, tranquillity, and excellent food, freshly sourced from the fresh waters. From the Phu Quoc airport, just a couple of hours’ away via arranged shuttle or perhaps a short helicopter ride. You will find the less crowded serenity region of Cambodia, awaiting you with open arms to experience its glorious nature ~ The veranda natural resort.

The owners Mab and Lily Luu, and the entire team have an incredible imagination and elegant touch. With a deep understanding of the fabrications that make up their surroundings, they have managed to blend organic Khmer art and conceptual design with stones, textured rosewood, and timber. Resulting in a secluded artistic architectural masterpiece for all to taste and enjoy. Over many years of exhaustive hard work, they have transformed this resort from just a few villas to what it is today, with an ethos to place the guest’s happiness at the forefront and take away your breath (quite literally!).

Sweet crab, old-world monkeys. What’s not to love.

Tourists fall in love with Kep due to its charm, and delicate size. They love to come and taste the infamous sweet crab (which is perfect fried in Kampot pepper), in one of the shacks lapped by the sea. Kep’s national park in Cambodia is one of the best tourist attractions in the Kingdom. You can roam around, and you’ll see that right behind you is a heavenly jungle of rich natural wildlife. Where birds, lizards, butterflies, and even rare old-world monkeys (Macaques) wander.

A perfect location for walking, trekking, and connecting with Cambodia, in an atmosphere of tranquillity, scenery, trails, and lovely vistas. Unfortunately, the town was comprehensively destroyed not so long ago during the Khmer Rouge era. Surprisingly, still holds onto the French colonial influence throughout. The spirit of the Khmer people has come together, and rebuilt this Riviera town to its former glory showing evidence of a renaissance. Tourists now primarily choosing to go to Kep after a visit to Angkor Wat.

veranda natural resort

Veranda Natural Resort: Teleport to a glorious, eco-friendly retreat.

The national park is a landmark of beauty. Which provides a unique experience with stone made wooden walk ways and mellow sandstone, connecting the trail to the private beautiful villas and bungalows in one of the most iconic natural resorts of Cambodia. Ideally situated at Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune in Kep with a breezy seaside character and palm-shaded walkways.  

Veranda Natural Resort

Topical breeze that diffuse the fragrance of flowers and ferns,

You can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this beautiful resort surrounded by the lush gardens and jungle, sweeping you away from life’s pollution and hustle. You can roam around into the serenity of the resort and enjoy unearthing your inner essence, or dip into the mesmerising pools of saltwater for a relaxing bath. The resort is situated perfectly in its natural surroundings.

The jungle is famous for its exotic trees and fruits. The topical breezes that diffuse the fragrance of flowers and ferns from the wild mountain. Whilst the tropical gardens connect effortlessly with the environment, producing calming effects to the mind-body and soul. And is only two km from the metropolis, and one km from the beach!

Bask in unique style, quirky touches. Extraordinary detail.

Undoubtedly, if you want to be enthralled, then experience a unique vacation amongst nature with luxurious comfort. Veranda natural resort hosts an abundance of facilities, making it the best option to consider.

With dozens of bungalows and rooms, all hosting spacious living quadrants. Comprising of natural interior décors with awe-inspiring bathrooms and an adorned veranda, to enjoy the surroundings of wildlife and greenery. The veranda is a lovely area to sit and relax with your favourite book in hand, or enjoy a warm cup of coffee (or glass of wine – not judging!).  With each room offering each guest a personal and special touch.

Every room has a beautiful & admirable sweeping picturesque view, of surrounding lush green trees and beautiful mountain scenery across Bokor and Elephant mountain afar. With all the features of cable channels and free Wi-Fi, powerful air-conditioning, and delightful fans cooling the atmosphere. With lovely small touches, like a stocked minibar, soft bathrobes, snug slippers, and free toiletries made from natural plants and ocean salts and a secure safe to store your belongings. Moreover, Veranda natural resort also provides private pool villas perfect for a trip with friends or family to spend a weekend in their exotic loving embrace.

A romantic selection…on stilts.

These villas have two floors with adjacent suits and fully air-conditioned rooms. The rooftop has a big comfortable sitting area providing the spectacular view of flora and fauna of Kep. Worth noting, they also offer cliff residence ocean superior rooms with a view to ocean and cliff building; it is one of the best rooms with a view. There is a stone room with a contemporary rustic ambiance close to the garden pool.

For couples, there is a romantic selection with rooms-on-stilts. In addition, their is Hill site bungalow which is both a private and standalone bungalow. It has a veranda with beautiful views of forest and the ocean, perfect for spending quite time. Other rooms at the family ocean retreat: the sunset retreat room, wooden cottages, penthouse vacation villas, a variety according to your taste and pallet.

Aerial panoramic views at Veranda natural resort

The rooms are privately designed to enhance the indigenous culture of the area. They are unique and are designed to style with stones, bamboo, wood, and shells found locally. The sweet touch of urban styling, blending effortlessly with a contemporary flow. Extending across all rooms, and are provided with unique views, as you enjoy the aerial panoramic natural views of sunrise and sunsets – looking over the sea.

This Veranda natural resort is the pure representation of the artist’s imagination and a door to Khmer wonderland. The shower and toilets are brilliant and constructed, decorated with natural stones that are vastly different. Veranda resort provides a perfect place for an eco-trip getaway, as you are nestled amongst the nature and wildlife.

A place hosting a wide variety of offerings. Beach, seaside, spa and relaxation, romance or perhaps a honeymoon, Veranda encapsulates all the luxuries of today’s life.

A restaurant offering the finer tastes in life

The restaurant pavilion ‘Secret’ has the ultimate dining experience. Boosting a huge choice on the menu for all meals including signature Khmer traditional food. The veranda resort jointly serves local and international cuisine, with an extensive selection at the eclectic & generous breakfast buffet.

Some of the highlights, are the authentic Khmer noodle dish and the rich and hearty bowl of traditional soup, with a unique blend of herbs and touch of love from the chefs. Moreover, at lunch and in the evening, you will find fresh, rich seafood form the local waters. Your taste buds will be in complete bewilderment as you are introduced to the local and organic resources, here you will also experience grilled specialities.

While the poolside area has light food to serve. The bakery and cafe have some French inspired fresh-baked items for your taste buds to mesmerise, croissants, muffins, rhubarb. The garden pool bars offer a variety of cocktails along with fresh fruit juices. You can sip whilst relaxing in the pool.

Infinity pool reflects the hotel’s ethos, blending and connecting all elements seamlessly.

Veranda resort has two beautiful outdoor saltwater pools and a children’s pool. The primary (16×14) pool is an Infinity pool reflecting the tropics surrounding and flows elegantly off the edge onto the magical and colonial setting, and the other is perfectly located under the shade.

You will also find some recreational activities such as the perfect sauna and steam room. Veranda boasts two poolside bars that provide a divine experience, enjoying the sunset surrounded by lush vegetation. This is one of the favourite spots, as you relax and forget about lives worries and release any stress – as you sip a sunset cocktail on a soft white cotton lounger, falling in love as you are enriched in the hospitality of Cambodia.  Do not forget to look up from your cocktail and bare witness to the sensational & spectacular view –which no words could ever possibly describe.

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Quixotic beauty and monumental escapism, a wedding to never forget. And also very business-friendly.

Veranda resort also provides customised and friendly services for their guests. Such as arranging the perfect wedding, with an incredibly special theme in the heart of the jungle. You can also hold corporate meetings, conferences, birthdays, or any other life celebrations. Veranda natural resort provides a modern touch to your events so that you and the loved ones, can fully enjoy your day at Veranda – Kep.

After a long day touring around Pepper plantations, Kampong Trach cave,

you can now unwind at the spa.

One of the wonderful experiences which you can enjoy, is in the warm ambience and embrace at the spa. A day of pampering for both the ladies and the gents. Providing a healthy indulgence and supreme relaxation by a talented masseuse and therapists. The team at veranda natural resort are extremely professional and highly trained in providing best quality services in Kep, Cambodia.

Providing a wide array of rejuvenating treatments to release your senses. Using eco-friendly oils and materials sourced from indigenous flowers, fruits, herbs all the way to the ocean. Few of the options are the traditional Khmer massage, facial massage, foot reflexology, body scrubbing and wrapping and aromatherapy. You will leave feeling refreshed, revitalised, and relaxed indeed!

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veranda natural resort national park cambodia

The formula to the perfect hotel, the location.

The location of the veranda resort is scenic and gorgeous,  you can enjoy the surroundings of the national park and it’s only a 10-minute stroll from the famous crab market where you can indulge in fresh seafood lunches and enjoy the beach. All of which, are very easily accessible on foot or you can enjoy the ride by tuk-tuk. Veranda natural resort is certainly the place to go if you want somewhere special in the Kep area. You will enjoy every moment spent.

You can enjoy many of the cookery and cultural classes, wine or cheese tasting or perhaps pop over to the Happy Hut with the children (over the age of three) which is ideally located above the garden swimming pool. Where they will be entertainment and can also tap into their intellectual and artistic capabilities with some of the activities. Here, they can also enjoy some offerings such as face-painting, circus skills and babysitting or even, delicious ice cream!

Once you have finished your ice cream. Hop on a bike, and enjoy the national park, only a stone’s throw away! And most definitely make use of the local bus station, visit the food stalls, and interact with the locals across the waterfront. Pop over and see the famous white lady statue, or perhaps the Dinh Cau Temple.

The aesthetic and surreal beauty

The Veranda resort is well developed and has been a symbol of beauty and relaxation in South East Asia. Perfect for both couples and families, as the area is structured perfectly. It may take some effort to even leave the resort, however if you manage to get out – they will cater your every need with tour ticket assistance. Every spot is magical, pleasant with verdant uninterrupted views surrounding. There is not one single focal point, as everything is worth raving about. Enjoying a smoke- free, Eco-friendly resort.

With many activities, you will never get bored. Make sure to visit the Kampong Trach – 25 km from Kep you will find incredible limestone caves and tubes (you may even find a small enclosed jungle in the centre!). Check out Koh Tonsay – Rabbit Island for the perfect day trip get away, enjoying the beach restaurants. And hop over to Bokor national Park, which covers a 1580-square km area – which contains rare animals with hundreds of different species, such as Birds, leopards, black bears, sun bears and gobbons… and Indian elephants (no idea how they got there!).

An entrancing dream, made with a charming team.

The hospitable, friendly, and professional team is what truly makes this a destination worth writing my heart onto this article, to give the amount of credit in which they truly deserve. So polite and loving. A 24-hour reception that takes care of all your needs and the team will go over and beyond to welcome you to their homeland. What hotel allows you to bring your dog or cat along – free of charge*? No word describes the hospitality of Veranda – where every box is ticked 😉

Delightful, Magnificent, Hospitable, Tranquil, Palatial,

Exquisite, Excellent…


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