About us

Meet the founders of Liive and the wonderful group of dedicated authors who contribute.

Miguel Suarez

Global Ambassador

Miguel is our Global Ambassador, enabling and sourcing the many voices in the world & ensuring anonymity in their publications.

Ryan Ward

Founder & Director.

Ryan started this adventure in the midst of the corona-virus pandemic, when those in poverty where forgotten and left to their own.

Dron Joshi

Director of Marketing & Social Media

Dron Joshi is our yongest and most adept Social Media Marketer & SEO Specialist, trying to bring a little more Positivity to the world.

Tayyeba E

Senior Editor

Dr. Tayyaba Ejaz is a Ph.D. in Business Management with extensive writing experience. Rated in the top 1% in the world, she has produced exceptional quality Research Articles and Papers. We are lucky to have such exceptional quality and high standard at liive. Tayyeba has great knowledge on Arabic states, the culture, and details which will make her wriitng in these areas stand out.

Miko Peled

Contributor Palestine

Miko Peled is an author, writer, speaker, and human rights activist living in the United States. He is considered by many to be one of the clearest voices calling for justice in Palestine, support of the Palestinian call for BDS. Works with international media.

Chanthu Oeur

Contributor Cambodia

Chanthu is the creator of feedcambodia.com . Who has recently been involved with helping the less fortunate, and also those diagnosed with cancer. Read all about our wonderful contributor: liive.org/Chanthu-Oeur

Hanin A Abdalla

Peace Ambassador Khartoum

Hanin spends her time working at the International MUN, debating issues that confront world leaders and to draft resolutions in response to the global issues. She is also the l peace ambassador for the UN - Global peace chain. We are very excited and thrilled to have someone so special as Hanin. We will have some great publications being released very soon.

Mhmed A Hajjar ‎

Lead photojournalist Palestine

Mhmed has been at the front line of Gaza, capturing the beauty and nature of the Palestinian people & raising awareness on a global level to the reality. Mhmed is crucial, he is our eyes inside Palestine. A true blessing at liive.

Soha J


Soha J, is one of our most talented writers. She has been working with us since initiation in May 2020. We are very excited to share more articles in collaboration with this very talented individual. Working on areas such as hospitality, sports, and history. Look out for more of her works in the comming months. Soha has been incredible so far!

Armaan Khan Anik

Video Production Manager

Our talented editor, assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting. The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects.

Channisai Muong

Program officer

Channisai has extensive experience working for the Swiss agency for development and cooperation SDC, and is responsible for many programs that directly impacts Cambodia. We are very fortunate to have her onboard our platform. She will also be taking lead of our Youtube channel and providing regular content, and informative media.

Abdullah Ismail


Abdullah, from Gaza, Palestine. Got his education in the states. He is a Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights, and contributes at liive in his spare time as a writer. He will also be doing voice over on our Youtube, as he has a professional studio.

Nimra Amir


After having experience of 5 years in the field of research and content writing in a Multi-National firm, She has decided to focus some of her attention at Liive. All the way from Pakistan, she is no stranger to diverse cultures. We are very excited to collaborate on many exciting projects with Nimra into the foreseeable future as we combine our minds.

Ortiz Jm

Photographer Mexico

Ortiz is one of our youngest members on the team. He has been providing us with information and wonderful photographs from across remote villages in Mexio.

Neary Jet Thor

Voice for peace

Neary Jet Thor is one of our wonderful contributors and voices for peace. She spends her time in Cambodia providing for those without food or basic shelter and networking, a strong force to come up with solutions, so far making an un-measurable difference in many peoples lives. Neary enjoys networking with like minded people.

Aqsa S


Aqsa has an abundance of international experience reaching from research writing and content writing. Editing, publishing and also does a lot of work for Wikipedia. She really takes her time to do research before publication, which is a true blessing, makes all the difference in quality.

Inan Tania


Inan is from Indonesia. With over 5 years of experience, she will willing to go the extra mile when it comes to writing the most beautiful articles. She conducts in-depth research on all topics before publication. Inan focuses on topics such as finance, technology, business and marketing. Inan is only our member representing Indonesia!